What Film Baggage means to me and why.

When I think of my favorite movies I often find myself thinking of movie that are connected to me early childhood. I was maybe 4 when I was introduced to the beauty of musicals. My favorite musical has always been my favorite and it is Hairspray. No not the phony Hairspray live from 2016 but the 2007 one with John Travolta, Christopher Walken, Queen Latifah, and many more perfectly casted actors.

Hairspray 2007

This film means more to me than just the fun music and bright colors. I think the lesson behind it is beautiful and I created a bond with my grandmother through this movie. We would watch it all the time and she would explain to me why some of white characters were treating the colored characters bad. She told me that in the time this was set there was still segregation happening. I learned that just because someone looks different than you does not mean they do not have a good heart and good intentions. In this movie there is a song that is sung by Motormouth Maybelle, ( Queen Latifah ) it is call “I Know Where I’ve Been.” In this scene she is protesting the end of “Negro Day” she sings this as they peacefully walk around the town with signs expressing how they feel about it. This movie all around is just a beautiful masterpiece.

Movies that have deep meanings behind them are my favorite to watch. I want to be taught a lesson about why something matters. I love it when children’s movies have good lives lessons in them. For example Brave. In this movie you’ll find a young princess named Merida trying to show herself as an independent woman. Merida (Kelly Macdonald) is trying to show her country and mainly mother that she has no interest in any male. She goes to extreme measures to ensure her future the way she wants and eventually turns her own mother into a bear. She has to work against the clock to try to change her mother back to normal. Crazy plot I know. But this journey allows her to learn her true bravery and teachers her proper courage. Her mother sees that she really doesnt need anyone there to help her run the country.

I am not going to lie. I will engage in a funny movie regardless if it has meaning or not. I also enjoy scary movies. There are tons of funny scary movies one of my favorites is Scream starring the 90’s stars Skeet Ulrich as the iconic Billy, Neve Campbell as the damsel in distress Sydney, and many many more. I love the suspense and i love how it will make you laugh out of nowhere. The classic like “Aw man my mom and dad are going to be so mad at me” cracks me up every single time. In my opinion the 90s had the best scary movies come out of it. There are some good ones that came out in the 2000s like Tucker and Dale vs Evil.

Basically, all movies are unique in their own ways. I have a love for movies that bring back a certain memory. I am a sucker for musicals and meaningful children’s films. I love a good comedy mixed with horror. I love classic actors and classic stories.

What Film Means to Me

What is it about a movie that pulls you in? What kind of movie would make you want to sit in one spot for hours? For me it is a movie that has a strong meaning behind it. I want a to watch something that is going to make me think about why it was made. I would not want to watch a film with poor acting and low quality editing. The stories behind movies is such a pleasing thought. I enjoy wondering what motivated the writer to come up with a beautiful concept and what made them give it to someone else then create an actual movie about it.

Growing up movies is what gathered my family. If it were a rainy day and we did not have the money to go anywhere we would put on a timeless movie we all enjoyed. Most of the time they were comedy films, more specifically a spoof of another movie. We often watched movies like Spaceballs, or UHF. On days where it was just kids watching, animated films were the way to go. We loved Pixar movies like Toy Story, The Incredibles, Cars, and Monsters Inc. But one of my favorite movies we ever watched was The Princess Bride. I could, and still can, quote iconic Andre the Giant lines or Wallace Shawn lines. We all have those little memories about our childhood favorite movie. I vividly remember sitting in front of the TV eating ramen noodles and drinking “Ponyo tea” while watching Ponyo, a movie about a little female fish that turns into a human girl. She is trying to run away from her father and a little boy named Sosuke helps her live a normal life.

Even though the movie process fascinates me. not every movie is my kind of movie. I find a lot of movies to be boring if I have to sit in one spot for a while I want to be indulged in the movie. I don’t like movies with a slow plot or a weak lead. Documentaries are not my “cup of tea” if you would. They are anything but interesting to me. I am not a big fan of old movies. Sometimes 90s movies appeal to me but not always. I do not like old animated movies like Disney Princess movies. I never watched them as a kid and never caught on to them.

The magic behind it all just amazes me as well. Once the movie is over you can just sit back and think about the countless hours the actors and actresses worked trying to get the scene perfect. How many people worked behind the camera to make the effects more believable. To just think about the crew members and give them the recognition they deserve is something they do not think you would do. ┬áThe movie would not be as amazing as it is without every single person behind it. Everyone who works on lighting and props have to make sure there isn’t a thing out of place. The assistant that made sure the directors coffee was actually caffinsted so they could shoot one more scene before they called it a night. It is a teams work.